1. Born and Raised in a Concentration Camp

Shin Dong-hyuk, the only known North Korean to escape from a concentration camp in North Korea, tells his story. He lived in the camp from 1982 until 2005. While at the camp, he endured daily beatings, torture, starvation, and even witnessed the execution of his mother and brother. LiNK’s executive director Adrian Hong briefs the Google Tech Talk audience on the broader issue of human rights in North Korea before Shin Dong-hyuk speaks.

2. North Korea: A Day in the Life

This film presents an ordinary North Korean family’s daily life. It also showcases how negatively North Koreans view Americans.

3. North Korea: Undercover in the Secret State

Documentary on North Korean refugees, acts of rebellion and actual executions.

4. National Geographic Inside Undercover in North Korea

A man is on a mission to let the blind in North Korea see again. He goes into a world of absolute conformity, government minders and unimaginable horrors, where the people risk their lives to escape. This documentary tries to capture real life inside North Korea.

5. The VICE Guide to North Korea

6. The VICE Guide: North Korean Labor Camps

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