Jayu’s 3rd Annual Human Rights Film Festival

Jayu’s Human Rights Film Festival exists to provide a platform for those connected to human rights issues to have a voice and share their stories. Whether it’s an individual who has suffered human rights abuses or an artist that is connected to the issue, we want to become the leading interlocutor between the issue and the audience. We are doing this to redefine the dialogue about human rights with a focus on the people’s voices, through art.

The 2014 Human Rights Film Festival will touch on themes centred around persecutionwomen & children and change.

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These Birds Walk
with Love and Rubbish
Friday, Dec 5 | 12:00PM
Filmmaker(s): Omar Mullick, Bassam Tariq
In Focus: Pakistan
Year: 2013 | 71m
Speaker Series
with Rachel Beth Anderson and Timothy Grucza
Friday, Dec 5 | 4:00PM
Topic: documentary filmmaking in volatile, war-torn nations.
Friday, Dec 5 | 6:00PM
Canadian Premiere
Filmmaker(s): Charlie Petersmann
In Focus: Cuba
Year: 2013 | 75m
First to Fall
with Bullets of Peace
Friday, Dec 5 | 8:30PM
Opening Film | Canadian Premiere
Filmmaker(s): Rachel Beth Anderson, Timothy Grucza
In Focus: Libya
Year: 2014 | 80m
A Quiet Inquisition
with Conceived
Saturday, Dec 6 | 11:30AM
Canadian Premiere
Filmmaker(s): Alessandra Zeka, Holen Sabrina Kahn
In Focus: Nicaragua
Year: 2014 | 65m
Since I Was Born
with Faridullah's Day Off
Saturday, Dec 6 | 1:45PM
Canadian Premiere
Filmmaker(s): Laura Delle Piane
In Focus: Palestine
Year: 2013 | 54m
Speaker Series
with Rob Montz and Robin Blotnick
Saturday, Dec 6 | 4:00PM
Topic: the function of storytelling in communicating ideas related to social justice.
with Luk'Luk'I: Mother
Saturday, Dec 6 | 6:00PM
Filmmaker(s): Denis Villeneuve
In Focus: Canada
Year: 2009 | 77m
Nowhere Home
with Leftover
Saturday, Dec 6 | 9:00PM
North American Premiere
Filmmaker(s): Margreth Olin
In Focus: Norway
Year: 2012 | 90m
Light Fly, Fly High
with Durga
Sunday, Dec 7 | 11:00AM
Canadian Premiere
Filmmaker(s): Beathe Hofseth, Susan Ostigaard
In Focus: India
Year: 2013 | 80m
Last Stop
Sunday, Dec 7 | 1:45PM
North American Premiere
Filmmaker(s): Julie Shles
In Focus: Israel
Year: 2014 | 76m
Speaker Series
with Amar Wala
Sunday, Dec 7 | 4:00PM
Topic: Secrecy laws in Canada, security certificates, justice and immigration.
The Hand That Feeds
Sunday, Dec 7 | 5:45PM
Canadian Premiere
Filmmaker(s): Robin Blotnick, Rachel Lears
In Focus: USA
Year: 2014 | 85m
In Between
Sunday, Dec 7 | 8:15PM
Closing Film | Toronto Premiere
Filmmaker(s): Maria Stodtmeier
In Focus: North Korea/South Korea
Year: 2013 | 60m

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